R is for Relationships

a-to-z-letters-r I wanted to post a witty or sage quote about relationships and friendship, but none that I looked up seemed to encapsulate everything I wanted to say about the subject. Relationships are individual social contracts, negotiated between people often without any spoken agreement. We tend to associate with people that in some way complement our temperament and interests and are enjoyable to be with.

As kids we find it easy to make friends, so broad are our interests. As we grow older we become more discerning, more selective in who we establish relationships with. People that we can trust, people that make us laugh and feel good, basically people that we want to share our time and space with. It’s those relationships that we cherish and work to preserve.

Unfortunately circumstances in life often intervene to test our relationships. People move away, enter into new jobs, start new relationships, start families, discover new passions. All these things temper our relationships, whether they are happening to us or our friends. Friendships often adapt, sometimes for the better, because of these changes, but on occasion they wither and retreat.

I am fortunate enough to have a handful of close friendships that have with stood the test of time. Many of those friendships, because of distances, do not get the love and attention they deserve, but as a true testament to the strength of the bond those friends act as if no time has lapsed at all when we do talk or meet up.

Not to sound melancholy, but as I get older my only regret is that its hard to make new friends. Perhaps I am more guarded, perhaps people are too busy to look for new friendships in the people they meet. Don’t get me wrong I am thankful to the few people I have become friends with in later in life, but I still feel like there must be more kindred spirits out there waiting to connect.