Q is for Quotes

a-to-z-letters-q Who doesn’t love a good quote. Whether it be a line of dialogue from you favourite movie, some memorable nugget of wisdom passed down through the ages by some sage philosopher or politician, or perhaps even an expression your mother is fond of repeating. Quotes can trigger memories, be a shared inside joke, or give pause for thought.

Quotes can also be shortened and edited in retelling them that they are not EXACTLY quotes as is the case of two famous movie quotes that come to mind: From Casablanca “Play it again, Sam.” was never uttered by Bogart’s character Rick. The closest line of dialogue is from Elsa who instructed Sam to simply “Play it, Sam.”

The other is from John Huston’s “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” which gives us the commonly quoted line “We don’t need no stinking badges!” The line of dialogue is a bit more drawn out than that so you can see why it would have gotten shorten in the retelling. In the movie the banditos trying to hussle Bogart and his gold hunting friends are asked to prove they are Federalis as they claim by showing their badges. Their reply is: “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”

In the meantime I’ll leave you a few favourites quotes of mine:

“Do or do not… there is no try.” – Yoda – Star Wars

“So it goes.” Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Slaughterhouse Five

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.“ – Philip K. Dick

`You Might Rabbit, You Might.“ – Policeman to Bugs Bunny in `Bugs and Thugs`

Oh and as a bonus here`s a link to The Top 15 Movie Misquotes

P is for Parenting

a-to-z-letters-pAs a father of two (mostly) wonderful kids, I am always quick to tell expecting parents that parenting is the hardest job you will ever have and also the most rewarding.

Being a parent has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve gotten better at balancing my priorities, spending time with my kids and still making time for myself and my wife. I think being able to view situations from a kids point of view has also taught me patience and what’s important.

As parents we want to be able to give the world to our kids. We want the best for them and would do anything for them, but by the same token we have to let them find their own way in the world. It’s a fine balance.

My wish for my kids is that they find something they truly love doing in this world. I will continue to encourage them and help them in any way I can discover their passion in this life and if it changes as they grow, all the better. Life is too short not to try new things and experiences.