O is for Opportunities


Don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time – you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be. – Jon Bon Jovi
From Brainy Quote

It`s been my experience that the older we get in life the easier it is to stick to what we know. It takes a conscious effort to try something new or to break out of established routines. Part of it I think comes from not wanting to take on additional work, but more importantly we may avoid new experiences for fear of failure. New things take time to learn, to admit we don`t know something can be scary. New experiences may also cause us to face fears that we`ve been avoiding, consciously or not.
Personally, I`ve been trying to be more receptive to opportunities when they come along in my life. I may not jump at every opportunity to try something new that comes my way, but I try to open minded about considering them and not to reject them outright. The opportunity to expose ourselves to new ideas, new people, new places can unlock a huge amount of potential in our lives.

I`ve made so many connections with people in my life that I would have never met if I hadn`t taken opportunities. From meeting my wife to getting to know all the fabulous writers I have met, they all started with seizing an opportunity that came my way.

Another way I`ve try to embrace new experiences in my life is to make opportunities to explore new places. Every year I try to visit at least one place that I`ve either never visited before or that I haven`t explored in much detail. It may be a small rural town or neighbourhood in a large city. Not everyone can afford to travel to Machu Picchu or some other exotic locale, but we can all step outside our own comfort zones and explore unfamiliar landscapes.

What some of the opportunities that you`ve taken that have changed your life?