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Back in 2013 I had a wild plan to undertake a tribute to celebrate Johnny Depp’s 50 birthday and 30 years in film. I had planned on reviewing each of his 43 films (at the time) in more or less chronological order. The plan was ambitious. It would have taken me roughly one film a week to complete in one year. I only made it through about half of the list before life intervened and I took a break. I attempted to come back to the project several times, but between family, work, and my writing I never completed it.

More recently I decided to shelve the project completely after more and more of Johnny Depp’s personal life came to light and especially his treatment of women. For the time being I’ve  decided to leave the reviews up. I discussed it in this post here – These are not the heroes you’re looking for

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Intro Post – Welcome to a Year of Living Depp-erously – [January 6, 2013]


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