A to Z April Blog Challenge

I never intended this blog to be about ONLY Johnny Depp movies. I wanted it to be about my writing and other passions in life, but have been slow to introduce other topics to the blog. Partly because I haven’t gotten over my initial shyness of sharing my thoughts publicly and partly because I figure I don’t want to alienate the few followers that are reading the Johnny Depp posts.

Like any good writer though, I have to step out from my comfort zone and not worry about alienating people, but to write for me and to be true to myself. To this end, I decided to sign up for the A to Z April Blog Challenge which is pretty much like it sounds. Write 26 blog entries during the month of April (Every day except Sundays), each one being based of a different letter of the alphabet. The topics can be anything the writer wants and there’s no limits.

I don’t have any broad plan other than to write about myself, my interests and what ever catches my imagination when I sit down to write – Hey look a squirrel! I’m hoping you’ll follow my posts in April and if you’re so inclined there’s still 10 or so hours left to sign up at the website to register as a participant.

I’ll still be posting regular Johnny Depp movie reviews during the month and should have a review for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? up later this week.

Thanks for reading and here we go…