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Playbill from last year’s Playwrights’ Junction workshop readings

As if my life wasn’t full enough right now with work, family, and writing, I’ve decided to take on another writing project. This one involving the stage.

The Sudbury Theatre Centre has a playwright-in-residence, Matthew Heti, who has been leading a workshop for new playwrights for the past couple of years. I was interested in applying last year, but due to circumstances couldn’t commit the time.

I did attend last year’s presentation of the playwrights’ work they created during the workshop. Each playwright had a scene from their work read dramatically by actors in front of an audience. I was blown away by the variety of stories that were presented last year and the talent of the writers. I was also impressed with Matthew’s enthusiasm for the work and his support of the developing writers.

So when the call went out for participants for this year’s workshop, I happily applied. I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to see live theatre growing up in the Soo, but that all changed when I moved to Toronto. In addition to seeing some of the bigger productions hosted by hosted at the Royal Alexander and Princess of Wales, I was a frequent visitor of the theatres like Factory Theatre, Theatre Passe Muarille, Tarragon Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times, and Harbourfront’s World Stage. I was fortunate enough to gorge myself on several seasons of The Toronto Fringe Festival, which was like a buffet of live theatre where you could sample different fare from all over. I owe a lot of my Toronto theatre education to my cousin Don, without who I would never have tried such a variety of performances.

I was exposed to so many great actors/playwrights/directors during that time far too many to name here. In my application to the Playwrights’ Junction I did single out a few playwrights, whose work I can’t seem to shake from memory. Daniel MacIvor and his fierce and minimalist one man plays (Henry Lies Here, House, Monster). John Mighton a mathematician who writes witty and thoughtful plays (Possible Worlds, The Little Years) that blends science fiction and human nature in creative and original ways. And finally I had to include Robert LePage (who I’ve seen more of his films than his stage plays), who’s grand visual designs for the stage are incredible.

While I haven’t made a lot of opportunity to see live theatre since moving to Sudbury (almost  *cough* 7 *cough* years ago) I am hoping to change that now that my kids are getting older and I am more established in my job.

I received word last week that I was accepted into the Playwrights’ Junction and just last night I attended our first meeting. As Matthew said it was a bit like a first date, with the 8 participants getting to know a little about each other as well as getting a feel for what Matthew has in store for us over the next twelve weeks of the workshop.

It felt a bit like going back to school in a way. The nervousness, excitement, and oh, yes the anxiety. Having a group photo taken on the first day, certainly just added to that atmosphere. I am looking forward to stretching my brain in new ways and getting to work with and be inspired by a group of new artists that bring such a variety of talents and insight to the table.

I hope I’ll be able to share some of my progress with the workshop here on my blog so stay tuned.

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