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Who is SooGuy?

Do you have an hour? Seriously it’s complicated.

Okay, in 140 characters or less – I’m a writer, father, and all around geek that loves the written word.

Where does the name SooGuy come from?

Back in the pre-internet days (Yes, I am that old!) I went by a few handles on various BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), but being originally from The Soo (aka Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario), I started going by the name SooGuy. I am sure there a few other clever fellows from my hometown that go by the same name, but I own the domain – so there.

So about the blog name – A Guy Named Soo?

Besides the obvious riff on SooGuy, its a reference to the Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue” which was originally a poem by Shel Silverstein. Yes, I think I am all kinds of clever.

Do you go by any other names?

I write under the name Andy W. Taylor.

What kind of things do you write?

I tend to write speculative fiction which is a broad term for genre fiction that encompasses everything from science fiction to fantasy with stops in weirdsville, and horrortown.

Where can I read some of your work?

I have a new story coming out sometime in 2021 in On Spec Magazine (onspec.ca) called “Rec and Dec” (Pronounced Wreck and Deck) about forgiveness and finding worth in yourself. It’s told through a veteran space hauler who is forced to redeem herself by working the rec and dec crew on an old space freighter while looking out for a green trainee she’s been assigned. I’ll post more details when they become available.

I sold my first short story – “Second Harvest” to Fiction Vale in 2013 and it was published in the 3rd Episode of their e-magazine in May 2014. The issue is called: A Different Outcome and contains my story plus 9 other authors.

You can buy it here:
Amazon Canada – Fictonvale Episode 3 – A Different Outcome
Amazon.com (US) – Fictionvale Episode 3 – A Different Outcome

Sadly Fictionvale.com has ceased publishing or I would point you to their site.

I’ve also have two stories in an anthology called Sudbury Ink – A Sudbury Writers’ Guild Anthology.

One is flash fiction piece called “Frozen” and the second is a longer piece called “Mother’s Day”. The anthology had a limited print run and there’s plans on publishing an e-book version of it soon. You can read about the anthology here: – Sudbury Star Article on Sudbury Ink – November 10, 2016

What can I expect to find at SooGuy.com?

I plan to use this blog to highlight some of my passions including, writing, reading, and being an all around geek.

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