Transcendence Trailer

Earlier this year I had heard Johnny Depp was working on a new science fiction movie called Transcendence but details were fairly sparse other than it involved Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Well the first trailer for the new movie was released today. Scheduled to come out in mid-April 2014 the movie features Depp as some tech giant (mega Bill Gates / Steve Jobs combined) who’s technology comes under fire by activists trying to stop his empire and technological research. Depp’s character is mortally wounded and his team figure the only way to save him is upload his consciousness into the computer they have. (Like nothing bad ever comes out of rash decisions like sacrificing yourself for untested technology.)

The trailer looks interesting enough that it will have me checking it out in theatres in April. It kinda had a 12 Monkeys vibe to it.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the film is directed by¬†Wally Pfister. Wally, who? Okay let me put it another way. Wally was Christopher Nolan’s director of photography on the Batman movies, Inception, Momento, pretty much anything Nolan has ever directed.

Check out the trailer below, or visit the site