Depp in Review – Year Two

It’s been almost a year since I foolishly declared that I was going to spend the next 365 days revisiting Johnny Depp’s thirty year long acting career and rewatching and reviewing his 40+ movies (see A Year of Living of Depp-erously). I managed to review almost half of his films and his one TV show, 21 Jump Street by September this year before the wheels fell off.

Life intervened and I took on a number of new projects and somehow time for Mr. Depp’s movies and my goal got put on hold. One of those new projects – my experience in the Playwrights Junction – is coming to an end (sadly) at the end of January and I will be able to fit more Depp reviews into my schedule. Although in light of my pace last year, I think I am going to go with something a little more reasonable in 2014 and aim for 2 reviews a month on average. At that leisurely pace it should take almost the full year to cover the remaining 20+ films.

Up next on the rewatch list is Depp’s appearance in Sally Porter’s drama The Man Who Cried from 2000.

Hope you had a good 2013 and will join me in celebrating 2014 by continuing to discuss Johnny Depp’s movie roles.



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